Russia, 216501, Smolensk region, Roslavl, Ordzhonikidze str., 14

About the company

GLASS MARKET JSC - is one of the biggest producers of glass containers, offers glass bottles for liqueur-vodka and cognac products, perfumery and cosmetic production.

Main steps of development

1936: The foundation of the plant. During the Second World War the plant was completely destroyed. Re-commissioning of the plant in

1947. In 1950 the company let out about 35 million bottles per year. On July 2nd, 1992 the Roslavlskiy glass plant was renamed to OJSC “Sitall” and became the first privatized enterprise in the Smolensk region.

1992: all outdated equipment was replaced by a more modern, production of Belgium, which allowed to increase the production to 170 million glass bottles per year in 1998.

1996 - 1998: all outdated equipment was replaced by a more modern, production of Belgium, which allowed to increase the production to 170 million glass bottles per year in 1998.

1999: After the modernization of the furnace N1 the production of bottles is 5 times more than in 1993.

June 2004: a large concern Saint Gobain with a worldwide reputation repurchases 10% of shares.

2005 - 2006: the construction of furnace N 4 for the production of glass containers for perfumery and cosmetics.

2007: investments of Saint Gobain Desjonqueres are purchased by Sagard and Cognetas

- The development of 50 new glass containers for perfumery and cosmetics

- The start of the decoration workshop

- The successful start of production of bottles for “Russian Standard” (glass bottles production and decoration)

- The confirmation of certificate ISO 9001.

2008: The development of more than 100 glass containers for perfumery. The start of the line N 17.
The development of decorated glass containers.

2018: "GLASS MARKET" JSC started the production of glass containers.

Production capacity

Currently the plant consists of two furnace workshops with total capacity of 400 tons per day. 

Furnace workshop № 3: 2 IS machines and 2 rotary glass-forming machine. Bottles for alcohol, food industries, glass jar.

Furnace workshop № 4: 3 IS machines and 3 rotary glass-forming machines. Bottles for alcohol, food industries. Production of miniatures, glass containers
for perfumery and food industries.

Lacquering (painting of glass containers)

The plant of GLASS MARKET JSC put into operation two modern lines “Glasscoat” for glass bottles painting with a capacity of 4 500 bottles per hour. Electrostatic coating technology allows to bring the decoration of glass bottles to a higher level. With the help of painting it is possible to obtain the effect of ruby or cobalt glass, to have velvety black bottles, to obtain bright, colored, opaque, matt and high gloss coatings (imitation of ceramic bottle) and paint them in gold or silver color. Bottles painted with organic paints can be further decorated with screen and pad printing, two-component and UV paints, in addition, transparent organic paints can be applied to the already decorated bottle, as well as on top of the polymer label. Varnish can hide defects in the glass bottles and give it a shine, as exclusive expensive bottle.

1. The raw materials (sand, soda, chalk etc.) and recyclable cullet are mixed and melted in the furnace.
2. The gob of molten glass is formed into glass products in moulds.
3. The glass products are annealed, packed and inspected.