Russia, 216501, Smolensk region, Roslavl, Ordzhonikidze str., 14

Visit to OJSC GLASS MARKET on April 30, 2021, a member of the Federation Council from the legislative branch of the Smolensk region, coordinator of the Smolensk regional branch of the LDPR Leonov Sergey Dmitrievich.

Image 30.04.2021

"This is an example of competent management": Sergey Leonov visited “GLASS MARKET” factory in Roslavl

The Senator of the Russian Federation from the Smolensk region maid a working visit to “GLASS MARKET” glass factory in Roslavl,  talked with the general director Nikolai Savchin and got acquainted with the production process.

Now JSC “GLASS MARKET " is one of the largest manufacturers of glass products, producing glass containers for alcoholic beverages and cognac products, perfume and cosmetic products.

Glass factory in Roslavl has an extensive history, it has very difficult times, several times the production process was stopped. But Nikolay Savchin, the general director, managed to save the factory, and now it  is working at full capacity. More than 700 people work here. Almost 20 million units of glass containers are produced per month.

Nikolay Savchin gave Sergey Leonov a tour of the factory, told about the process of manufacturing glass containers and showed the final products of production.

"I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly the plant was restored and re-equipped after the crisis years. A lot of effort and work has been invested in it. Of course, only a competent manager can achieve such success. I express my great gratitude to Nikolai Vasilyevich for an interesting conversation and productive work. Smolensk region has something to be proud of, now the Roslavl glass factory exports its products not only to Russian cities, but also to other countries! "

Yulia Romanenok, press service of the SRO LDPR