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The celebration of the 85th anniversary of the plant and the Day of the Glass Industry Worker took place November, 19th, 2021, at the Roslavl Glass Factory JSC «GLASS MARKET».

Image 19.11.2021

The anniversary date was not just a historical milestone in the life of JSC «GLASS MARKET». During these festive days there was a good opportunity to adequately assess the working way passed over 85 years and their prospects, to look into the future. According to the general opinion, the high reputation of JSC «GLASS MARKET» honestly earned over many years of activity will not allow to lower the bar of the achieved labor results.

Nikolay Vasilievich Savchin, General Director of JSC «GLASS MARKET»:

«Labor dynasties have developed at the plant, generations of experienced specialists have grown up over the past years.

The key to the success of the company is a highly professional team. Today the staff of JSC «GLASS MARKET» consists of 710 employees. Representatives of different generations solve production tasks together. High qualifications and professional attitude to the performance...
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One of already became traditional excursions for Roslavl schools pupils took place 15th, September, 2021 at the Roslavl Glass Factory JSC «GLASS MARKET».

Image 15.09.2021

The pupils were very interested in visiting the central factory laboratory, the glassmaking department, where the process of glass melting is controlled using automated computer technology. The red-hot «drops» of glass falling into the glass-forming machine and glass products made did not escape the cameras of pupils' phones.

Delicious pizza, juice and small memorable gifts for the school year became a pleasant addition for the children to the unforgettable moments spent at JSC «GLASS MARKET».


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Visit to OJSC GLASS MARKET on April 30, 2021, a member of the Federation Council from the legislative branch of the Smolensk region, coordinator of the Smolensk regional branch of the LDPR Leonov Sergey Dmitrievich.

Image 30.04.2021

"This is an example of competent management": Sergey Leonov visited “GLASS MARKET” factory in Roslavl

The Senator of the Russian Federation from the Smolensk region maid a working visit to “GLASS MARKET” glass factory in Roslavl,  talked with the general director Nikolai Savchin and got acquainted with the production process.

Now JSC “GLASS MARKET " is one of the largest manufacturers of glass products, producing glass containers for alcoholic beverages and cognac products, perfume and cosmetic products.

Glass factory in Roslavl has an extensive history, it has very difficult times, several times the production process was stopped. But Nikolay Savchin, the general director, managed to save the factory, and now it  is working at full capacity. More than 700 people work here. Almost 20 million units of glass containers are produced per month.

Nikolay Savchin gave Sergey Leonov a tour of the...
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The largest factory of the Smolensk regional center modernizes the glassmaking production

Image 11.02.2021

During the regional parliamentary week, the plant was visited by the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Olga Okuneva. The parliamentarian got acquainted with the peculiarities of the production of glass containers in the workshops and the work conditions of the staff. She positively noted that there are social programs for the employees, a medical center and a canteen are working. I talked to the employees.

Glass Factory in Roslavl is the largest production company in the district,  with 750 of employees. The problem of employment, the availability of jobs is important for people living in Roslavl. The restoration of the factory has helped many people to keep their jobs and to be at home with their families.

At the glass production in Roslavl, which was still in decline a few years ago, the main equipment was modernized, production was established and economic indicators were improved. The products are sent all...
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Roslavlsky "Glass Market" began supplying glass containers for the "Russian Standard"

Image 25.11.2019

This was announced during a working meeting between Governor Alexei Ostrovsky and the Director General of JSC Glass Market Nikolai Savchin. The parties discussed the implementation of the investment project in the Smolensk region, as well as the company's plans to expand production activities.

Recall that the Roslavl Glass Market is one of the largest glass factories in Russia. The company, equipped with advanced equipment, specializes in the production of glass containers for the food and perfume industries. This year, Glass Market almost completely bought out the property complex of the Sittall enterprise (Roslavl glass factory), which since the late 90s of the last century was one of the leaders of the Russian market in this industry, however, was forced to suspend its activities in connection with with a difficult economic situation and accumulated debts.

According to Nikolai Savchin, the company is developing dynamically. Today, the plant employs about...
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Step by step, but only forward!

Image 25.11.2019

GLASS MARKET JSC is gaining pace of production - a plant that for many years we have known as Sitall OJSC.
We remind the reader that for more than five years in a row we, both in local and regional newspapers, have constantly come across reports that the Rosalll glass factory "Sitall" after the departure of General Director L. Prokopovich from it, is not just a fever, but with new leaders literally crumbles, falls into a debt hole, people flee from there.

Millions of debts for energy, falling production, tax evasion, disruption of wages, etc. - all this inevitably led to the collapse and bankruptcy of the once legendary enterprise.
Rumors were creeping around the city - they closed the "glass", "they stole the plant," "the authorities are inactive," "they don't give a damn about everything" and the like. Some media outlets, seeking to outstrip each other, added fuel to the fire even more, citing the...
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Glass factory revives in Roslavl

Image 25.11.2019

In the near future, two new glass containers production lines will be opened at the Sitall plant.
The enterprise was visited by the deputy of the Smolensk regional Duma Leonid Prokopovich, the senator from the Smolensk region Franz Klintsevich and the chairman of the Smolensk regional Council of Veterans Vitaliy Vovchenko.

Recall that JSC "Sull", which is now called the "Glass Market", was founded in 1936. In its development, it went through all the stages of formation: from an ordinary glass factory to one of the leaders in the Russian market for the production of glass containers. The factory during the Great Patriotic War was completely destroyed, but after the war it was restored and already in 1950 produced about 35 million bottles a year.

For many years, Sitall developed dynamically. However, during the economic crisis, due to huge debts to gas companies, he found himself in a difficult situation: he was disconnected from gas...
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